About : Company : Phoenix Rising Transformation Mind, Body, Spirit. Medium on A Mission!

Elena Servidio -Schwinn a Modern Day Muse is a Divine Annointed Ambassador who works to bring  knowledge, inspiration,  messages and products from the higher realms. She is an intuitive counselor and crossroads healer who works one on one with people by using her gifts and abilities to inspire, assist and guide them to their own brilliance and towards their own personal journey towards ascension, and fulfilling their lifes purpose and helping them attain true abundance. Elena works speaking with leaders and masters of many modalities, religions, etc…about the shift and sharing personal experiences during these transitioning times.


By reflecting your inner genius, advisor and healer, Elena is a source of inspiration and reflection, whose primary purpose is to assist you in becoming authentic and congruent with your Mind, Body and Relationships.

By tapping into your innate resources, The Muse inspires you to lead an intentional lifestyle; to take personal responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, words, actions and non-actions. Elena encourages,demands you to listen with an open mind and heart; observing the mindbody communication, both inside and out.

Elena  inspires and helps you  to heal, rebuild and strengthen your CORE;to embrace your sexual essence; to acknowledge and transform
Your habitual weaknesses; to fine-tune your leadership skills; and to empower yourself and your relationships.

In Her presence, you will learn to love, accept, appreciate and embrace all aspects of who you are. You will attain more clarity,understanding and compassion for yourself and others. In turn, you will become more conscious, present, optimistic and grateful for being ALIVE.

She will help align your Mind & Body with
Your Passion & Purpose in life. Elena becomes
the “torch bearer,” illuminating even the
darkest parts of your journey. Drawn to her
Intuitive Wisdom and Tantric Mysticism
she becomes omnipresent as you prepare for change. Elena will  remind you  that “Life Is Filled With Magic”… and she knows that The Real Magic begins with YOU!

She loves to help people be more creative, embrace ascension, live more creative lifestyles and find deeper  spiritual connection along the way.


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