Spiritual Testimonials

From Lydia:

I met Elena 2 years ago while on vacation.  At that time, she gave me a 10 minute reading and I was impressed.

Please know not once before or during a reading would she allow me to ask her any questions or prompt her in any way. She said spirit will reveal all I need to know and will answer any questions I had.  Then she said , “Lydia, then you  will  know what I say to be true. ”

Since, I have had two 1 hour readings and during the readings  spirit revealed to her what I needed to know and the she  immediately focused in on this. Every time she was not only  on point about everything,  but expanded in depth about my life and current situations. She not only spoke in reference to me and my health, but that of the ones close to me,and in reference to how to handle people that were harming me

Elena has helped me gain understanding of the challenges I face while giving me guidance as to theactions I need to take to resolve them.

Afterwards, Elena followed up with me which was totally unexpected. This displayed her genuine concern for her clientele.

Lydia P

From Grace:

When I first met Elena I was searching. There was something missing from my life but I just wasn’t sure what it was. I have gone to “Psychics” occasionally throughout my life but I have never gotten insight like what I got from her on that day. I randomly searched for someone to give me a reading. I saw Elena’s picture on the website and knew that I needed to see her. As I sat with her she was able to guide me back to the Wicca I knew and loved yet had not been practicing for a long time. After sitting with her for just one hour I was able to start putting back together the pieces that I needed to feel whole again. I was getting stronger and finding my power. I have gone back for “tune ups” since this chaotic reality we live in tends to zap my strength every now and then. She is the real deal and you just need to see for yourself if what you need is true no bullshit guidance and insight.

Grace…Marlboro, NJ.

From Marlene:

Elena and I worked together during a Reiki III class I was taking about 6 years ago. With her open and inviting disposition and kind heart, you are immediately drawn to approach and speak with her if she hasn’t approached you first. She has a unique psychic ability to accurately “read” people in the greatest of details. The eternal connection formed is incredible. I can remember Elena calling me, about a year or so after our last time together, during an exceptionally stressful time of my personal life, to let me know that she “feels” my pain and reassured me that everything will work out fine…and she was right! Having Elena in my life is like having a silent, supportive angel to reach out to, or to hear from, whenever a need for clarity arises. She is truly a blessing!

M. Spina

From Lorraine:

I am writing this letter to you on behalf of a person whom I hold in such High Reverence.Her name is Elena and I meet her about two years ago when I had Sickness in my Family no Happiness, and I felt as though I didn’t even Exist. She is truly my Life Saver.She has a Gift and uses it well she has told me on many occasions things only I knew.
She channels her Energy which by the way is so impressive that I was totally in awe when I felt it on my hands.She is my Advisor who uses her gift the correct way, she has helped me so very much during our conversations, I believe in myself again and I know
I will find my true Soulmate because of her guidance.I have been a Nurse for 42 years
And Elena is Gifted beyond all means, but I am so Blessed to have her as my Friend
Lorrie Ann Kuschyk

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