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The Mystic  is an Oracle/Medium, Professional Modern Day Muse who the has the gift of sight,Past ,Present,Future  Directly from the Angels . Her readings are not simply a reading , but an emphatic conversation that provides guidance when you are at a personal or professional  crossroad to help you reach your hearts desire and find your true life’s purpose.  A Psychic, Medium, Energy Healer, White Light Reiki 3 Practitoner, Crossroads and Life Path, Dream analyst, Life Coach,  Muse, Elemental Artist,  and writer. Specializing in Lives Purpose, Business, Love ,Twin Flame work, Health, and an Emphatic who is deeply devoted to helping you live your life to the fullest.


With over a lifetime/decades of experience providing her highly accurate and no non-sense guidance, she has become an expert in affairs of the heart and the pursuit of one’s true passion. She does Readings,Life Path, Medium ship ,guided meditations, past life regressions,soul retrievals in group or one on one sessions. She works with a number of tools side by side with spirit and guides,  Cards,  Runes,Crystals, Pendulum, Candles,Oils, etc….


A true believer in your ability to create the future you desire, “You have to believe to receive” has become her mantra for empowering you to turn your dreams into reality and how to stand in your own power. Let The Mystics vibrant personality and fine-tuned intuition lovingly infuse your life with the positivity and truth you deserve to achieve whatever your heart desires.

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Strength, Power, Beauty,Grace, Anchored by love. Transformation Mind, Body, Spirit.

ISN’T IT TIME TO TAKE CARE OF YOU!  Living a happier, healthier, more productive life is a choice and how good you will look in the process is icing on the cake. Elena will  help you reach all of your goals.  If you are serious about getting results and bringing yourself to a higher level, and ready to live a healthier more productive life, Elena is the one to get you there.  What makes her different from all other trainers and coaches  is not just her  wide range of experience and training techniques, but more importantly , she truly cares about you, and you become a direct reflection of her. She is a High Energy, Motivational trainer and Coach, who Listens and really sees people for who they are, understands their needs, and does everything possible to help them reach their goals. Elena just doesn’t deliver a good workout, but  educates you, and is available to help you whenever you need her. She will  make sure you succeed and reach all of your goals .

Elena  is the the Tri-State areas premier Personal Trainer and MMA/ Boxing Conditioning Coach . With her you will not only reach all of your goals but exceed them, and will find a second home in the process.

Elena specializes in High Intensity Training, Weight Loss or gain, Rehab, Sports Specific, Bodybuilding and Fitness Competitors, Powerlifting,  Boxing ,and MMA Conditioning and Training, Seniors, and Kids. Bride / Groom , Prom, Sweet 16 Boot camps to get you and your loved ones ready for that special day.
She offers a full line of fitness classes, MMA conditioning, Boot Camp, Zumba, Hip Hop Box and Jump, Body Box, Cardio X, Abs core, Power Step, Body sculpting, etc…. As well as Kids Fitness, Kids MMA, and Bride / Groom Boot camps.
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If you are serious about making a change and are willing to put in the work , commit , and understand there are no excuses and failure is not an option then Elena will meet you 150% , and results are guaranteed.
Sessions can be InPerson, Online, and Skype

In her studios, your home,, gym, or office, Online
Elena is also available for Seminars and Workshops




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