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Breaking Free 4 Part Series
  • Week 1: Letting Go Of Fears, Anxiety, and Worries
  • Week 2: Cutting All Negative Cords, Begin The Process Of Calling In Your Person.
  • Week 3: Chakra Healing And Activation.
  • Week 4: Finding Your Bliss

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Awakenings 4 Part Series
  • Week 1: Accessing your Akashic Records your Book of Life
  • Week 2: Chakra Healing, Cleansing, Activation
  • Week 3: Sitting In Councel with Your Spirit Guides
  • Week 4: Merkaba, Activating Your Vehicle Of Light Body

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Unlocking The Doors To Your Tomorrows
5 Part Series
  • Week 1: Connecting With Your Intuition
  • Week 2: Journey Into The Sacred Vortex; Align and Manifest Your Dreams
  • Week 3: Sit In Council with Your Spirit Guides and The Ascended Masters
  • Week 4: Removing Blockages Within Your Subconcious
  • Week 5: Tapping Into Your Confidence and Inner Power

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Opening Up Your Physical and Spirtual Body To Sexual Bliss. 5 Part Series
  • Week 1: Opening Up Your Physical and Spirtual Body To Sexual Bliss.
  • Week 2: Releasing Your Sexual Blocks, Turning Your Anxiety Into Sexual Bliss
  • Week 3: Meet The Sexual Part of Yourself, Opening The Door To Sexual Intimacy with Your Partner
  • Week 4: Exploring Your Sexual and Creative Energy; Opening the Gateway To Sexual Intimacy with Your Partner
  • Week 5: Awakening Your Kundalini Your Path To A Cosmic Orgasm “Sex Magic”

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Becoming Your Own Sovereign; 7 Part Series
  • Week1: Releasing Anger and Resentment, Finding Forgiveness
  • Week 2: Overcoming Fear and Self Sabotage
  • Week 3: Healing Your Broken Hearts (THEIR IS MORE THAN JUST 1 TYPE)
  • Week 4: Letting Go of the Past and Negative Emotions
  • Week 5: Cleanse and remove Destructive Energy
  • Week 6: Endings & New Beginnings Welcoming Change
  • Week 7: Living Life In The Present, Conciously Living In The Now

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Quantum Jumping: 6 Part Series

  • Week 1: Back to your creation, your soul contract, where the first few pages of your Akashic Records were Written.
  • Week 2:Travel On the Akashic Express, quick ride back in time, viewing a few of your past lives along the way.
  • Week 3: Living In The Now, your present, moving through your current life and being really present in it.
  • Week 4: Quantum Jumping, Journeying into Parallel Universe
  • Week 5: Quantum Jumping, Ascension into the 5th Dimension
  • Week 6: Flash forward, Journey to your future

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Life After Loss: 4 Part Series
  • Week 1: Working Through Grief and The Loss of a loved one
  • Week 2: Letting Go of Regret, Forgiveness for The One’s We Lost and For Ourself
  • Week 3: Meeting with the Ones We Have Lost In Spirit
  • Week 4: Moving Forward After Loss and Living a Life Full Of Abundance and Bucketlists

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Contact Us Direct For Individual and Group Rates
Connect with your Spirit Babies: 4 Part Series

And before I knew it, before I had the chance to breathe them in, to hold them within my arms they were gone. You see they had wings before they were born, my little angels, my little boys, it was not in my time nor my place to say when it was or was not their time to fly or be born to this Earth. It is theirs and always will be theirs alone. I may not have been able to hold them or kiss their little lips before they flewaway, but they are with me now and will be forever. My angels, my little boys!

written by Elena Servidio: Mother of 7 Amazing Beautiful Babies! 5 here on Earth-My Domenic Joseph Joseph Kenneth, Parker Anthony, Alexis Gal Gracie Leigh and 2 in Heaven Above-My Mason Carter and John Michael

  • Week 1: Healing Your Heart after Losing your baby
  • Week 2: Self Forgiveness, letting go of guilt, Acceptance
  • Week 3: Connecting with your Spirit Baby, Getting To Know Them. (Saying All The Things You want to say)
  • Week 4:Healing Your womb and healing your whole being

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Your Opportunity to Break Free and Break Through
  • Week1) Heal Your Body and Relieve Chronic Pain and Suffering Heal Yourself

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Soul Retrieval: $275

Soul Retrieval: Calling back the pieces we have lost and making our souls whole once again.

Book your Your Soul Retrieval with me today. Can be done in person or live video through IG, FB, Skype, Duo, What’s App if you live elsewhere.

So many of us keep asking Who am I, why am I here,what’s my purpose. Asking the same question over and over,we continue asking and searching until we find something,anything that resonates true.Now my loves, we are all an energy system that continuosly is creating frequencies and vibrations. Please understand,at no time is there any reason for us to be enslaved by negativity that can and may be stored/trapped within our energy/our auric fields.If we try and place the intent to find and replace all thoughts that limit our progress and abundance it will create a change in our path and the direction we are going. Actively,conciously my loves , with heart create and put out into the Universe all the intent you can with love and faith and you will transform your life.In truth we all spend and waste too much time focusing on what is outside completely distracted by life in general. You will find the truth you seek comes full circle and is always found within ourselves.Here we go, Soul Loss ,this happens when we endure a trauma in our life it causes us a loss of our essence,a piece of our soul,who we are. Here are some examples that cause this to transpire , difficult birth experience, abuse, accidents, sickness, bullying, relationship breakdown, etc…. Usually we will expierence a sense of shock and betrayal involved. Iinitially our pain can cause our soul to fragment and run in fear. Sometimes the events we go through causes our soul to be so traumatised that it chooses not to return to us, we lose a piece of ourselves, we suffer a soul loss.Signs of Soul LossFeelings of fragmentation.Blocked memoryBeing unable to feel love or truly love anotherA sense of lonelinessInability to make decisions.Negativity.Suicidal tendencies.Despair.Chronic Depression Our intuition tells us when we have lost a piece of our soul, it feels as if a piece of ourselves is lost. It can cause a the feeling of our energy being depleted and no longer being in harmony within or what is around us. You will see a direct reflection of it in your life and relationships. In the deepest part of ourselves you will feel a sense that ‘something’ is wrong,and it haunts you. You are aware that a piece of yourself has become lost, and has been left somewhere out in the universe. Or possibly because of a past life or birth trauma a soul fragment may not have come back with us in this lifetime. Sometimes, you will find it is someone else who is holding onto a piece of our soul , for example, a past love who still holds a piece of our heart. Once our energy field is out of balance we are exposed and vulnerable to what I like to call destructive break-ins that break into our energetic field. These may manifest in the form of illness, addictions, negative thoughts and feelings. Whatever the reason for our soul loss it is necessary to call back those pieces of our soul and balance our energy fields once again.The brilliant thing about this is when we do this,our soul fragments come back to us cleansed and filled with the light and love of the Universe.Through this guided meditation we will find and call these pieces back, make our souls whole once again. Following will be an interactive discussion to help clarify all that has come to light. You will then be given the continued work you will need to do and the tools necessary to keep that soul intact and finaly move forward and live the amazing life that was intended for you. You will move forward filled with light,love , hope,understanding,and peace. I look forward to walking with you on this Journey, this Vision

Past Life Regression $275

Joint Past Life Regressions are Available, Contact Us Direct For Pricing.

Breaking the chains that bind you.

Past life regression is better described as a waking dream… “The dream is the small hidden door in the deepest and most intimate sanctum of the soul, which opens to that primeval cosmic night that was soul long before there was conscious ego and will be soul far beyond what a conscious ego could ever reach.” – Carl Gustav Jung

For the people who are called to do a past life regression this can be the very thing that unlocks the door and leads us to the gateway of ascension. Past life regression  brings clarity and a greater understanding to your life through looking and going back  into the many lives that your soul has lived before, in doing this, you open yourself up to heal from these past experiences.

When you begin the Journey of working with your  memories of past lives it is imperative that you are ready and open to facing all the things that have held you back and limited you in the past and allowing yourself  to embrace and learn from the pinnacle of all of your accomplishments . We all have our very own soul family,and the point of reconnenting to it is to bring healing to your soul and in the relationships you have in this lifetime.

Past life regression can help you find answers of why you may have current illnesses,phobias, blockages you have in your life that prevent you from moving forward,etc. That cause you pain and sadness. By seeing and acknowledging who you were,the life you lived,and why and how you died in a past life, and thr very nature of the relatinships you had, it can actually help you over come and cure things you are expierencing in this lifetime. You also become aware that current relationships you have in this lifetime are much deeper,and go back further than you ever imagined – beyond this lifetime, and how you are connected.

Soul families run together my loves.To be completely honest this is also the key to induce and create healing within your relationships on a much deeper level in this lifetime Just imagine our world, every world, and yes I say world ( let that very statement sink in ), we have come from, and that  all time exists in an awesome  web of energy that intertwines and weaves back and forth throughout each other. So downloading and accessing  our past lives is as easy as just reaching into that ssesome web of energy and drawing  that lifetime into you. You do this very thing by setting the intent to do a past life regression, setting up the time you would like to  connect with and permitting oneself to making the concious choice to open whatever form of energy ,and allowing it to flows freely to you. Remember , in the many lives your soul has lived, issues were not always handled dealt and because of this very fact healed from. For example, you have suppressed your feelings and emotions from the past; which causes you to carry that karmic energy until you are ready and capable to let it go. Sometimes you can release it through your daily what we call “waking conscious life”. This is the way the majority of people work through and reconcile their own karma. A past life regression meditation permits deep set karmic healing to take place in another place– in your subconscious. This guided meditation is intended to do that very thing, followed be interactive discussion to clarify and bring to light what you expietenced and saw. To help you look at everything without judgement to release you from the chains that have bound you in this lifetine and allow you to heal and prosper. We will give you the tools needed to continue on your journey,and life the rest of your life with truth, understanding, love, peace, and happiness.

Shimmer for me , Always, Elena

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