It’s Ok To Give Up



Be Fearless, Be Brave my loves ,  follow your Truth and do not give a damn about what others think. Most people have no real grasp or understanding of what life is even all about or the great gift we were given which so many waste . In that alone I find so much sadness . We all walk our own path and have our own say in the course of our lives.  It is ok to give up. There comes a time in each of our lives when we know the only decision left to be made is to do just that. Doesn’t mean you failed just means the fight is over and you can finaly step off the Merry Go Round and find rest. Not about winning or losing ,not about failure or success. It is the  recognition and acceptance that you are just tired and the reality of what this lifetime has brought you.  We all have a pre-designed lifes purpose so trying to change what has already been decided is futile and exhausting. Live your life with passion until you are so tired you can’t anymore , take every chance you can, and then be at peace and let go,no regrets. If nothing else you gain great wisdom and no one can say you didn’t try. When you know the truth it is ok to be alone .

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