This Is Me..

A Dear Friend Wrote This About me me. It was a gift and  I was speechless humbled. It touched me deeply that I radiate and am seen this way. Really gives a good depiction of who I am and how I believe.

A flower child in sandals and jeans, wooden bead necklace and following dreams
With Tie Died T’s and cut offs too, she’s raising her kids and bringing them through
Lexi, Parker,Joey and Grace, Dom was the first to see her face.
An angel with love standing strong in this place. Nothing between them will ever erase, their love is empowered,eternal and true
A Spirit embodied, reflecting you.
This hippie girl will show you the way. Using peace and love, not straw, wood or clay.
So tell her your troubles, all you’ve gone through. The sadness you carry can’t beat the blues.
Dine at her Table, lean back in your chair, with dark brown eyes and jet black hair.
Her old-world traditions like honor and trust
A hammer on Steel that knocks off the rust
You long for tomorrow, leave it behind. The thrill and the sorrow they clutter your mind.
She sees your soul, carefree and wild.
She can see your pain, through the eyes of a child.
Don’t be shy, just be her friend, that’s loves great gift, in the end.
She’s more than you hoped for, dreamed, planned or schemed.
She’s more than you prayed for, destined it seemed.
She wants to protect and show you the way, whispers inside you ” just live for today ”
She waits at your bedside, when lights growing dim.
She looks at your beauty when worst is seen and grim.
And when she meets her maker, he will take her by the hand to say….
You blessed my heart child, because you gave your heart away.
So broaden your horizons, search the light dont hide, the beauty and wonder live deep down inside, looks are deceiving don’t throw this away, the truth may hurt, it’s the price that you pay.
Tranquil waters they call and release
Like a GYPSY she travels sunrise due east. Am ocean maiden, heart rhythm is slow
Escape from the madness, the rush and the show.
With mountains and cities far left behind; the coastline, sweet music unclutter her mind.
Sand under her feet she looks out to sea. Gulls echo a chorus sweet melody.
Life is a beach some people say. Suntans and seashells at the end of the day.
So bottle it up, bring it home in a jar
Her pictures like postcards from not very far
She shares all her moments, Treasures them all, her life is a garden, spring, summer and fall.
In winter she travels warm south below, far from the ice the cold, wind and snow
Good friends and good food
Well that’s all very nice, to live like a queen comes with a price.
So she makes a few coins training to fight; Left Hook,right jab on a Saturday night
Yeah life’s been hard, the battles were tough, this Beauty and Lady are more than enough.
The beat downs were heavy when patience was thin. When push came to shove, blows land on the chin.
So she looks to her Savior when no-one else cared. She called upon Jesus when cupboards were bare.
A quiet time with coffee and tea, her Body-Art images reminding me, a princess at times shall rule and decree, that mavericks unbroken, she shall always Live free.
Of course there are days when she breaks down and cry’s, just slides down the wall and asks herself why.
Her little ones surround her, they perch , pull, and plead. We love you so much, your all that we need.
So she goes to a place where everything is real, healing and peace is all that you feel.
Fairies and Elves , grasshoppers and spells, enchanted kingdoms with wishing wells.
Lullaby babies with Mr. and Mrs , little pink curtains with butterfly kisses.
So listen closely don’t feel the shame, no condemnation, you win the game.
An excuse is a lie trapped in a reason, the truth is refreshing and always in season.
So let me close with one more rhyme.
Life is a treasure and the gift is your time.
How we spend it is all up to you, take it or leave it in the things that we do.
She says a Second chance does not exist, when love is in motion there is no such risk.
She will never give up, lay down or die.
“Don’t walk away” her battle cry. ” Forgive and let live a much better way ” , ” You never lose a fight when you give your heart away” Elena.
Written By: R.M.O for Elena

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