Do Not Be Afraid Of The Darkness



When darkness falls this is when he appears most, do not fear when he comes to talk with you in the night. Recognize him for exactly what he is and the purpose he serves. When you think about it we are all of the same nature as he, but we are free to choose who we are and what path we walk. He is the Darkness and the Light, Heaven and Hell, Angel and Demon, Good and Evil and Nature requires him to hold this balance. With him comes messages from the other side, answers we spend our lives searching for. Some about others, some about life, mostly things we have to face and fight within ourselves. In reality the darkness if we are brave enough to walk within it makes us stronger , wiser and allows our light to burn brighter. It teaches us how to live and if we are lucky sometimes the pain can become comfort …. sometimes. There are different kinds of darkness. There is the darkness that frightens, the darkness that soothes, the darkness that is restful.There is the darkness of lovers, and the darkness of assassins. It becomes what the bearer wishes it to be, needs it to be. Absolute truth is it is not wholly bad or good. I have expierenced them all and kept company with the ghosts that haunt me for I have had no other choice. Trick is not letting it consume you and in that is our biggest battle. Pull from the darkness what it is you need to survive, to truly live and love with Fire, Passion, and to Breathe until our time here is done. Do not allow it to pull you down and anchor you within its depths. Remember that the Darkness in every form is meant to serve you even when the time comes for him to guide us home, even then he is in your service, you are not meant to serve it. Know you do not have to face the darkness alone because their are others who know, who understand, and will walk through that darkness with you if you let them because they have traveled the same road and have been forged by the same fire.

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