Stop Fighting So Hard

Stop fighting so hard, it is exhausting , don’t you think ?! Just be who you are and love the way you want to Love and do not concern yourself with how others respond to you. You see, that can sometimes cause you sadness when you feel as if your love is lost on people who do not love back . Understand this, not everyone can love the same as you, do not even know how, and maybe they were not meant to because their love is intended for someone else. Sometimes you just may be a blessing for someone who needed you,even if just for a little while, and if you think about it, that is an amazing gift you are to those around you. I promise you if you put your love out there unconditionaly, be who you are freely and let go , the love you gave and always wanted and is intended for you will make its way back to you, and will embrace you,love you, and comfort you always. It all starts with you, the love you have for yourself radiates out and attracts that love back. Doesn’t mean you won’t hurt and the tears will be many, but you have to experience great sadness and loss to really appreciate great joy and happiness.It is worth it in the end and makes us who we are,and helps us grow. Just believe and have faith, it will come to you when you finaly allow it and when it is time.

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