So Wish Upon a Star, Kiss a  Snowflake or Write Your Name and Number in a Book….

Fate /Destiny are real, and is very powerful. Know this truth, the Universe conspires to bring us what we need at the time that we need it, whatever it may be. When it comes to Love, the Universe knows what we desire and what will fulfill us romantically, and make our hearts and souls whole.  There are no mistakes or coincidences when it comes to this, and being with the  person you were truly meant and made for. Understand this as well ,  We have our soul mates which my loves is more than one,  and then our Twin Flame. If you allow yourself you can encounter both ,  but it is a choice. So choose, Choose to  live passionately, do not go through your life settling for anything less then what you wanted, deserve, and will truly make you happy. Nothing worth having ever comes easy, but  give yourself the chance by letting go of what wasn’t meant for you. It may be hard for so much can be involved, and is complicated, but it is worth it. I promise you this, once you finaly do and grab a hold of who was truly meant for you, you will have a huge weight lifted off your shoulders and will  truly be happy and have a life filled with abundance. Your are worth it, you do deserve it ! So Breathe, do not be afraid, and  let go, have faith and accept what is given to you whole heartedly. What is meant for you belongs to you, was made for you,  and is exactly where you are supposed to be, don’t fight it. It is a precious gift, cherish it, and never let go. So, wish upon a star, kiss a  snowflake or write your name and number in a book. Believe that your serendipitous moment will arrive.

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