January 2020 Full Moon, The Wolf Moon and What She Has Brought Forth.

Can we talk πŸ˜‰ Talk about January’s Full Moon and what it has brought to us. The first full moon of 2020 was a Wolf Moon and and she was amazing blessing to us all, especially light workers. Most people do not realize it but the Full Moon actually runs in a 3 day cycle every month, this past one ran from 1/9 – 1/11 the pinnacle was on the 10th and was coupled with an eclipse.
This moon was one that signified endings and beginnings. The energy we need to do both is flowing freely but you must understand it is all about surrendering. All you need to do to draw in the blessings to your life is just surrender to her completely and this will allow her energy to continue to flow through you, to clear the slate while creating openings for new beginnings.
What a special and powerful moon , this one with the help of her twin, the Sun. Yes , the Sun and the Moon are Twin Flames and only can come together for brief moments during an eclipse. The eclipse that brings two lovers together is what clears all the negative away for us. Its energizing radiant reflection of the sunlight within the moons illumination basked us with a magnatizing power that cleans our slate and changes the course of our lives if we let it. You can still even now surrender and tap into this energy and draw from it what belongs to you, do not let it slip away. While absorbing the Grace they bestowed upon you take it in this great gift and in turn thank them. Show them the respect they deserve but they do not ask for. Understand this , they do not ask a thing of you just that you give back. That equal exchange of energy in your actions. Encompass this energy they have given you , let it become a part if you, to flow through you and radiate from you to touch the lives of others not just your own.
Now how do we give back and keep the flow of abundance in our ( lives but no) in our spirits flowing. I was going to say lives but no in our Spirit, because our spirit know no end and is forever. You see whether you choose to believe it or not, we are all not just mere mortals because our spirits are immortal. Reality is we just reside for a brief time and space in our mortal vessel. This my loves is not who you are , we are all immortal so own that truth , stand in its power and live.
Clarity with this first moon of 2020 is now coming through and gently requiring you to truly feel and know. God the knowings, the wisdom she is bringing forth. It is bringing about a paradigm shift in our universe, our lives. You can choose to acknowledge, accept, and evolve or stay stuck. Allow yourself to identify what endings have and are coming to pass , and what the new shift, the new direction in your life is.
Here is where the surrender comes to play, you must surrender and allow the past to clear. Shake it loose and allow it to fall away. Do not hold onto what is meant to be done and does not serve you. Allow it to close down, collapse, fall away, and be complete.
This clearing that is emerging allows you to create and bring forth a new season in your life. One filled with connection, congruence, fluidity, and yes abundance. You choose if it will be positive or negative. Change your programming , your thought process. I choose Joy, Abundance, Success, Passion, and Love ! What will you choose?
Here is the perfect time where you can do your own mini soul retrieval in this moons energy that is continuing to flow. Draw it all in and reclaim and collect the pieces and parts of your power that has been stolen, splintered from you and the parts you gave away. The times where you were suppressed and silence. See these fragments of your soul, infuse them with your own being, love, and light then call them back into your spirit where you can become whole. Find your truth, your voice and stand in it, live it. Reflect on what has been lost, eclipsed, lacking or missing for you and bring light and illumination upon it.
You are the light and the light is within you. Release it because the energy is among up now and it is a highly charged and emotional time. Especially after Decembers moon this new energy is to be used and called upon bringing forth what has been eclipsed that is now ready to gently move into this new cycle with ourselves and our world. This is a Transcending and Transformational Energy, 5th dimensional , the veil is now thinning. Stabilize your energy, surrender, open up and allow it to flow and become a part of you, and Evolve for the time is now.

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