Yeah, I’m Looking at you!

I see you, yeah, you. I’m looking at you with this serious face for a reason. Because I care about all of you and some of the people that I am working with right now know it is time to let go, to move forward, to surrender, to change the course of their lives but are afraid and choosing to stay stuck and selling their souls in the process. Let go of fear, have faith, faith is forward moving. Come on guys, what are you doing. You know better, Do not sell your soul to the Devil. When you know you have done all you were meant to do, could do, and know it is time to go, just let go. Never sacrifice what you believe in or know to be true, it is never ok to go against your gutt. It will change the very fabric of who you are, it will make you sick emotionaly and physicaly, a little bit everyday, and you no longer recognise who you are. You may tell yourself it will not, that it can’t, but it will. It will steal your passion, your smile,your laughter, your drive, your will. Stand in your power, in your truth for what you know is right. Money, power, is not a valid excuse to be involved or connected to something you know is wrong. It is hard to turn the page, to let go ,but it is ok, you will be ok. At some point in your life you have to stop sacrifising who you are for others, and know this,,if you followed your gutt all of the stress and frustration will fall away.One of my wishes for you is so very simple,to truly Live. I would love for you to take a minute to just Be Still,Breathe, and think about all the Blessings and Gifts you’ve been gifted with in this lifetime, and how you’ve pushed them aside and ignored so many of them. The potential we are all born with is incredible and somewhere, some how, we lose sight of our visions and dreams, and who we are. Just think, there’s still time to use all of our gifts and receive and treasure all of our blessings, because the very fact that you’re sitting there thinking about it means you’re still alive so you still have that chance to live. One Chance, One Lifetime, No Do overs. I pray you realize how brilliant and beautiful you are ,and everything you were meant to be and meant to have. So go, Do not be afraid, Be Fearless and Live ,and see where your Life Takes you.

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