Acknowledge, Accept, Choose….

Life is funny, the lessons we learn, and the strangest times epiphanys come. Smartest thing to do is too acknowledge , accept, choose to learn verse ignore, and whether you like it or not move on and move forward. sometimes it is not the easiest of things to do, but when it comes right down... Continue Reading →

Time To Kiss !

My quest continues to get people to Kiss and Hug more, to Live with Passion and a Real Love. Just Some of the Scientific Facts Kissing is soooo important, not just Romantic reasons ( Although those are my absolute favorite and so very Dreamy 😍) .... goes... 1) It improves our mood by increasing... Continue Reading →

Believe In Something More

Come dream with me, my precious ones, for that is what you are, precious. Take my hand and believe in something more. There is so much more within you, for you. All you have to do is just open your eyes , allow yourself to see and then you will understand what all the pain... Continue Reading →

This Is Me..

A Dear Friend Wrote This About me me. It was a gift and  I was speechless humbled. It touched me deeply that I radiate and am seen this way. Really gives a good depiction of who I am and how I believe. A flower child in sandals and jeans, wooden bead necklace and following dreams... Continue Reading →

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